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Artist of the Month

Ruan Guang-Min

Ruan Guang-Min, a multifaceted artist with a background in advertising and interior decorating, has made significant strides in the world of graphic novels. His journey in the arts began after his military service, working under the mentorship of comic book artist Lai Yu-Hsien. Ruan’s breakthrough came with a comic adaptation of the TV show “Friends,” which resonated deeply with audiences through its portrayal of young individuals from rural areas navigating life in Taipei.

His subsequent works, “Dong Hua Chun Barbershop” and “The Corner Store,” not only received critical acclaim but also found their way onto television screens, expanding his influence beyond the printed page. “The Corner Store” in particular has achieved international recognition, being translated into Japanese and Arabic, while the English adaptation rights of Wu Ming-Yi’s “The Illusionist on the Skywalk” further attest to Ruan’s growing global presence. His storytelling—marked by a blend of heartfelt narratives and cultural authenticity—continues to captivate readers and viewers alike.

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