The Smuggler by Milan Hulsing


A man invented the city of Khaldiya in order to collect the salaries of an imaginary local police force. He produces fake documents and builds the city out of clay in his own home, as a realistic depiction of his own imaginings. He maximizes expense claims by inventing rebellions that need to be crushed by the police – violently, of course. This twist lends the story a political charge and enables the storyteller to criticize police corruption, detailing a time when the police were either bullying citizens, or in a brothel. The graphic novel was published in Dutch during the beginning of the Arab Spring, a few days before the uprising in Tahrir Square began.


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The smuggler is Laszlo, a Hungarian exile, who produced in the Eastern Bloc comics to the West. During a
of his wanderings, he ends up in the Caribbean, where he starts working as a diver. Here he meets an eccentric Hungarian millionaire with whom he shares his hatred for communism.
Together they forge a plan that can still be expensive come to stand.
A bizarre, but fact-based story.

Weight 180 g
Dimensions 24 × 17 × 1 cm
Script by

Milan Hulsing

Illustrated by

Milan Hulsing

Translated by

Amira Nagati




17*24 cm Paperback






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