Palestine … The Path – A graphic novel

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“Experience the Resilience of Palestine in ‘Palestine .. the Path’—a book that captures the enduring spirit of a people, weaving a narrative of struggle and hope through the eyes of solidarity.”


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Palestine .. The Path is a profound exploration of the Palestinian experience under occupation, penned by the compassionate Italian artist and activist Elena Mistrello. During her 2023 visit to Bethlehem, part of a solidarity initiative, she encountered the stark realities of walls, checkpoints, and settlements—a daily oppression for millions. Her narrative, enriched with texts and photographs, captures the resilience and resistance of the Palestinian people. The book stands as a powerful critique of the international community’s indifference and the media’s misrepresentation, offering a tribute to the enduring spirit of hope and the quest for freedom among Palestinians. This work transcends mere pages; it is a voyage into the heart of solidarity and understanding.

Elena Mistrello is an Italian artist and activist known for her poignant visual storytelling. Her work often delves into social and political themes, as seen in her graphic travelogue “Tracciato Palestina,” which documents her experiences in the West Bank. Collaborating with Elio Catania and Nicolás Garcia, she offers a unique perspective through her texts and illustrations, capturing the resilience of the Palestinian people. Mistrello’s commitment to social issues is evident in her art, which not only raises awareness but also contributes to solidarity projects supporting Palestinian refugees.

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Elena Mistrello




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